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This is the first time ever in the world to apply Nano-silver technology to plumbing system for its Anti fungal function.
Aikang Nueco Plumbing System technology is to split Ag as the smallest particle for great effect with little amount (Ag size is under 1M of One hundred Million)and put Ag inside of Polybutylene particle so that it prevent Germ from increasing in the plumbing system. As a result, the Germ will be eliminated in the plumbing system as time elapses. Nueco Plumbing system aims to provide the highest customer satisfaction by focusing on customers' health.
Excellent sterilizing power

Once various bacterium, mold, microorganism are connected to the particle of Nano, the cell wall is melted by Nano particle so that Germ could extinct and there's no possibility of Germ's in habitation.

It has function to prevent corrosion from plumbing product and preclude germ's increase and contamination of bacterium with Ag's anti fungal function.
For Customers'Health

Nueco Plumbing system supplies the customers' clean and pure water for potable use because any noxious bacteria could no longer live and survive and will not be able to increase in the plumbing system. Whenever you drink water, Nano-Silver plumbing system always provides clean and pure potable water to the customers throughout plumbing system with Ag which has sterilization functions.
Nontoxic Plumbing System

Using Nontoxic raw material such as Polybutylene and Ag approved by public governments is harmless to human being Therefore, you can assure the safety of the customer's health.