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PB Fittings
Push fit type PB fittings contain O-Ring, washer, and grab ring that firmly hold the connection without leakage of water.
Brass Fittings
Aikang provides wide variety of high quality brass fittings and DR brass is also available upon request.
Manifold Fittings
Aikang provides high quality manifold fittings to assist water distribution to different areas.
Pipe in Pipe Fittings
PIP fittings are also available to assist PIP connections. They protect against water leakage and provide assistance to early detection of possible leakage of water.
ISO Welding Fittings
ISO welding fittings are available in both gray and ivory color. ISO pipes and ISO welding fittings are connected using the welding machine.
BS Fittings
Push fit-type British Standard (BS) fittings are mainly available in sizes 10, 15, 22, 28mm. BS brass fittings are also available upon request.