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1. Potable use for hot and cold water
Aikang system is non-toxic, odorless, and highly durable material that is recognized worldwide.

2. Under-floor heating use
The Aikang system is best for pancoil unit of building and under-floor heating system due to its high heat insulation, ease of installation,and high durability.

3. Industrial Pipe
Since Aikang system has a high resistance to chemical attack, it is well-suited to use in a chemical factory, a food manufacturing plant, and a hospital.

4. Agriculture and Horticulture Pipe
Because of its high chemical resistance, flexibility, and protection against sun, Aikang System can be used in irrigation canal, a green sprinkler, underground heating pipe of a farm and spraying chemical.

5. Snow-Removing Pipe (Road Heating)
Because of PB pipe's durability. Aikang Pipe can be used for snow removal at the road, a parking zone and stadium.

6. Hot springs Pipe
Aikang pipe has excellent pressure resistance to hot water. Also, corrosion or scale does not occur which is excellent source for hot spring pipe.

7. Sprinkler Pipe for a Fire
lt's a first ever non-metal pipe that passed and met all the standard requirements of UL(USA). After approved by FM and it is widely use in the developed countries as sprinkler pipe.

8. Pipe for Solar Heating System
PB pipe is capable of warming and heating water in the Solar Heating House.