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Ever since the establishment of Akang Remetech Co. Ltd in 1990, the company has become a market leader of PB plumbing system in Korea for the past 23 years.
Akang Remetech Co. Ltd is now dedicated to expand the business worldwide to accomplish the mission of becoming a world market leader in the plumbing industry.
There are many companies of desiring to be globalized.
However, there are few which have really globalized themselves.
lt is the sign that how difficult it is to be a global company in a field of industry. Akang Remetech is exerting all its efforts for the globalization in the piping industry by complying with the international standards and globalizing its sales network. While not being satisfied with the leading position in the domestic piping materials industry, we are to advance to be the leader as a global piping company
We are developing advanced engineering methods such as the Pipe in Pipe engineering method and push-fit engineering method, which are the improvements of conventional methods.
We don't overlook even trivial suggestions that customers make and try to improve them with our innovative spirit of a consistently growing company. Every year, we try to be a better company to our customers through our consistently R&D efforts
The piping materials of Akang Remetech are certified not only by major domestic standards such as KS, KT, Q-Mark, but also by international and overseas standards from advanced countries such as USA, Japan, Australia, England and China, including ISO9001. Akang Remetech will try hard to make standards in the globe as well as Korea so that Akang Remetech becomes the standards of piping materials.
Akang Remetech's efforts in quality control and consistent R&D (certifications from ISO9001 and major international standards organizations) are those of setting Akang Remetech's piping materials in the world. We have adopted advanced production management methods with the systematic processing management and computerization and put the quality first in all the process from the selection of raw materials to the finished products. We think that the best competitive advantage of Akang Remetech lies in our mind of giving 'Quality' the supreme priority
As a company of advancing to the global market, we are to build up the manpower who can think earlier than customer's requests and who have global and open mind.
· Customer Value-Focused Management
  Akang Remetech stresses importance of customer value for our future business growth
· On Site-Focused Speed Management
  Being Prompt On-Site Management to maintain 100% customer satisfaction
· Transparent and Ethics Management
  To increase and retain brand recognition and awareness, Akang Remetech values importance of transparent and ethics
· Practical Training to Cope with the Change
  Akang Remetech prepares and trains its employees proactively to confront environmental change.